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Cost Estimator

Please choose which services do you want for the property. The estimation will be shown after you submit the form.

As a general guideline, we charge 0.05% of the final sale price for such services as:

  • Immersive 3D tour
  • Property video
  • Drone footage
  • Floor plan (without a tour)

For pictures only, we charge 0.025% of the final sale price. For agent intro add-on, we charge extra $50.

We have a minimum of $100 per property. If it doesn't sell, this minimum is waived.


Why do we ask this? Our compensation is commission-based and is based on the final sale price.

Scope of services

Comes with pictures and a floor plan.

Get notified when someones posts a comment on a posting.

Includes both interior and exterior pictures.

A high quality presentation video.

Adds a personal touch to the presentation.

Availability is subject to airspace regulations.

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