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As a home buyer, you know finding a perfect home is difficult. How do you find home that fits your needs best? How can all these viewings be done on a tight schedule? How to avoid listing crawling fatigue?

We get it. We're home buyers ourselves. Our co-founders themselves, had to view over 100 homes last time around!

That's why we believe that buyers, just like sellers, need great tools to achieve their goals.

We have a broad vision for what it should be, including:

  • Hand-picked listings mailing list
  • Individual concierge service for busy buyers
  • Home shopper app

While this side of our business is still in an inception phase, we're happy to work with buyers on an individual basis. Simply send us a message and let's discuss your needs.

We do not currently provide real estate trading services. We provide software and informational services only. We are, however, happy to introduce you to an agent if you don't have one!

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