Discovering Great Homes

20.01.20 11:44 AM By Yurii Rashkovskii

At HomeSoul, we don't simply focus on providing a particular service to either party of a future real estate transaction. Instead, we're focusing on making it happen. But what do we mean by that?

It's actually pretty simple. We don't focus on what we do, but instead on the final goal we're trying to achieve. And, in our case, the goal is very simple: help buyers discover great properties, help home owners and their agents sell them. Our initial work on virtual tours was just a first step towards that goal (it helps buyers discover homes that fit their needs faster)

But this is obviously not enough. So we went back to our own personal experiences, as well as experiences of our friends & colleagues and saw that the very process of discovering properties is still quite difficult. Fire hose feeds of properties based on price and location are still difficult to process. Searching on MLS is also a great way to sink a lot of hours.

So, our next step is to introduce HomeSoul Picks, a free, categorized feed of properties that we personally hand-pick because we think they are great. We will try our best to supplement these properties with our research of the neighborhood and other factors. Complementary to that, for buyers who want to double down on their search, we will be offering HomeSoul Concierge service to offer a personalized feed.

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