Working towards a shared goal

Our goal is to bring ultimate efficiency to the process of buying and selling homes. We provide services to ensure properties are represented in the best possible way and buyers can find the properties that are the right match for them. Nobody wants to waste time when selling or buying a home -- not sellers, not buyers and certainly not agents. Their lives are busy as they are.

We see ourselves as a part of agent's team. We don't simply provide virtual tours, photos or feature sheets, we are growing our services towards a goal of enabling a better sales model. And this is one of the reasons why we don't charge for our services upfront. We only succeed when you do.

Virtual tours: open house 24/7

This technology allows you to reach out to more prospective buyers and let them view the house at the time when it is convenient for them. As more and more of shopping happens online, homes are not an exception. And that's great news! No longer you must be bound by the number of hours you can dedicate to each property.

At the same time, we don't want you to lose the benefits of open houses, such as being able to connect with the potential buyers and creating a sense of urgency. We are soon releasing an updated version of the tour that will provide viewers with call-to-action enticements for properties that are receiving heightened interest, built-in chat and other interesting features.

The technology behind the tour also allows to provide contextual information to the viewers, including additional videos and pictures!

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Virtual tours: higher quality leads

While wide-angle, processed photos are pleasant to look at and will get people in the door, what you want is leads that are more likely to buy. Those that decided to visit the property after being able to see every nook and cranny of the house, are naturally showing higher level of interest as opposed to those that come to just "check it out". 

Just put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. If you are driving around and trying to pack 10 properties into 3 hours, how much attention will you have to each property you're looking at? How will they stand out?

Leads that have taken the time to explore the property through a virtual tour already have a realistic understanding of the property, and that is worth a lot.

All the extras!

Floor Plan Included

That's right, you wouldn't need a yet another contractor to do your floor plans! It's included in our basic package

The technology behind our 3D virtual tours gives you more, at your convenience. When we scan the property, the equipment we use employs a structured light 3D sensor technology that measures distances to all the points in the home. This gives us the ability to provide you with a floor plan as measured between the walls and the viewers can measure anything during the tour on their phone or computer!

Going further, depending on your unique needs, we can provide additional services such as introduction shooting and post-processing (so that you can personally introduce the videos), drone fly-over, social media marketing and feature sheets / home brochures.

In case of special and luxury properties, we are able to provide customized deals on a case-by-case scenario.

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Drone videos: see outside of the box

Buyers don't like being in the dark. They want to know more about the property even before they head out (nobody likes wasting their time!). If you're selling a house, we have one more trick up our sleeves: drone videos! While our tours are incredibly useful for understanding what's inside of the house, they lack one thing: the outside!

We always try to find the time when the weather is blessing us with the best shooting conditions. If this means we'll have to wait, we'll wait. If it means we have to come back again, we will. Our drone video service includes creating a final video to be published on MLS and other websites.

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More coming soon!

We don't stop here (although we should slow down once in a while!). We keep listening to our clients and working on improving our services. Here's our rough roadmap for 2020:

  • Engaging feature sheets / booklets
  • Detailed tour viewing statistics
  • Advanced open house mode for tours
    (send us a message, and we'll tell you what does this mean!)

How much do we charge?

For our basic package (virtual tour + floor plan) we take a small commission of 0.05% of the sale price. If, for any reason (even if the seller had a change of heart), the property doesn't get sold, we won't charge you a penny. It's that simple.

The addition of the drone video increases our commission by another 0.05%. We highly recommend it for houses (and, in some cases, townhouses) and they are included in our full house package. Additional custom services increase our commission depending on the scope; we're also happy to provide simplified monthly billing model for agents with regular sales.

We are confident our services will help you selling faster and for a better price.  That's why we are able to offer our innovative, commission-based model.

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