Our story

We are proudly a small, family-operated business that grew out of experience & passion for improvement. We (Mameaw & Yurii) started out our home ownership story with a townhouse and as we traded up we went through seeing more than a hundred houses before choosing the next one. The way houses and their interior were presented online often left us quite dissatisfied as it made our job and the job of our realtor much more difficult.

So, as both buyers and sellers ourselves, we noticed that while virtual tours were sometimes available for select properties, it was rather a rare thing. And we loved those!

So we started thinking and talking to agents, trying to understand what prevented a more widespread use of this immensely useful technology? One of our findings was that virtual tours add upfront cost to realtors (in addition to all other expenses they're already bearing!). This is how our innovative pricing offering was born. We believe that being invested in client's success is the best way to motivate ourselves to do the best job ever and produce the highest quality product.
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