We help real estate agents and their clients with
property marketing & discovery

In real estate world, it takes four to tango. Sellers, buyers and their agents — they all contribute to the end result.

We laser-focus on the end objectives of each and help them along the way. We take care of presentation needs for sellers and their agents. We help buyers find properties they will love.

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Marketing services & products

A better way to present properties

We strive to provide a great range of modern, goal-oriented products and services that benefit sellers, buyers and their agents.

  • Preparation

    We can help you putting final touches on the property right before shooting. We can even undertake more significant staging projects. Let us know what you have in mind!

  • Immersive virtual tours

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A 360-degree, immersive one must be worth a million. Buyers can tour the property at their convenience.

  • Floor plans

    Your potential buyers should have an easy way to understand the layout of the property. We provide floor plans as a part of our virtual tour service.

  • Pictures

    What can we say? A listing without a pictures is nonsense. We provide great shots from our virtual tour scans or can do separate photography sessions.

  • Drone footage

    How does it look from above? What's the neighbourhood like? We can answer these questions easily. We are licensed and ready to fly where permitted.

  • Cinematic videos

    Looking to impress buyers? Whether it's a multimillion luxury property or a regular home, there's always a way to walk buyers through a beautiful footage. Did we mention that you can be featured in the video to add some personal touch?

“Exceptional customer service and very quick turn around! Definitely recommend this company to all realtors! We were able to market my listing and set the record in the neighbourhood for price per sqft!!”

Marketing services & products

Our innovative business model

Instead of a service fee, we charge a commission upon sale of property. If the property doesn't get sold, we don't charge you a dime.

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